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Did I already told you that I lived in 3 different countries on 3 continents since I have left France?
And each time I have moved, and started to explore my new city, one of the first stores I have tried to find is Sephora. Same ritual, each time, I drop my suitcases, rest, eat or whatever and go for a walk in the city, secretely hoping that I will spot a black and white shopping bag that will lead me directly to my beauty sanctuary. Anyway, the thing is, I was unlucky each time, no Sephora! And I had to go through several withdrawals over the years. I don’t know what that is because I can find beauty stuff anywhere, there are drugstores, department stores but I just NEED Sephora. Fortunately for me, each time they opened stores few months after my arrival.

Something else I love is sales. One of the first word I mastered in swedish was rea… yep you guessed it swedish for sales! So when I checked my Facebook a few days ago and saw an ad for Sephora Sverige with the words “rean startar” in red, my heart almost stopped! Beauty bargain, yeahhhh. Where do you think I will be on tuesday morning?

I don’t know for the other countries, but in Sweden, Sephora sales starts on Tuesday, June 18th.

I will update this post later this week to tell you if I was able to find some treasures, in the mean time, I recommend you check out your closest Sephora or their website Sephora.com.