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Have you ever said “this thing, no way!” with a disgusted look on your face? Well, me, all the time and guess what, some of the “no way items” ended up in my closet and some of these even became staples in my wardrobe!

I thought it would be fun to go through them, and try to understand what made them go from “nope” or “meh” to “maybe” and finally “love it”.

A pair of Red jeans
I love Red, Red doesn’t love me… I tried, I swear, red accessories yes but not red clothes. Until I found this awesome pair of jeans, in January. I tried them on because, come on, everybody wears red jeans why not me! And the unthinkable happened, I just couldn’t take them off! They were so comfy and screamed Spring. Since then, I put them on a few times a week and I dread the day I will no longer have them.

Jeans with zippers from Zara Zara.com

A Faux-fur jacket
I have always seen Fur as a pimp wardrobe staple, or an older lady attribute. And, even though Fur made its appearance in magazines a couple of years ago, I couldn’t see myself wearing Fur or Faux-Fur. And then Zara made it happen, perfect fit, 3/4 lenght sleeves, great color, and of course great price. I don’t remember to have worn it this winter, but this one will stay in my closet for a while!

Faux-fur jacket from Zara Zara.com

Worse, a Rabbit fur vest
Do I really need to find an explanation as to why I would never have been caught dead in this item? Now, I live in Stockholm, and winters are long, very long, meaning you get tired of wearing heavy down jackets. This was my way of staying warm and cosy! And I love it on top of a black leather jacket….

Fur vest from Hollies purchased at Salt; Leather jacket from Naf Naf

Leopard print anything
When I was a little girl I wanted a big feline… And then, I moved to Paris and let’s just say that only a kind of women wore Leopard prints! Anyway, I grew older and realized that I could wear this print if used wisely. It all started wih cute flats. And then this scarf. I will still not wear Leopard print clothes though…

Leopard print scarf from H&M hm.com

A pair of Snake print jeans
Snake print is pretty much like Leopard print in my books, great for accessories, not for clothes. Then, again, I found these pair of jeans on sales and I said why not, with a white tee, flats, I could perhaps pull them off. And yes, I did! I really like them!

Snake print jeans from H&M hm.com

Even worse, a Snake print bathing suit!
I am no Paris, socialite, or famous, but this one was fun and I am looking forward to wearing this bathing suit. I will be honest, I modified it already. It came with a big metal kind of brooch that I removed to make it more appropriate (in my opinion).

Snake print bathing suit from Lindex Lindex.com

I actually could write pages on this topic… It seems that I still have materials… Shoes, maybe?
That’s it for now.