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Almost one year since my family and I moved to Sweden, and I am quite excited to celebrate my first Midsummer. (June 21st, this year)

What is Midsummer?
This is the 2nd most important celebration after Christmas, but some Swedes say that it is the first…
Basically we celebrate the summer solstice and because we are quite up north, the sun pretty much never set on this day. This is also an excuse to drink Aquavit, sing and dance the “frog dance” around a pole, you read it right, I said “frog dance” (“små grodorna” if you decide to check it out on Youtube….). That is quite funny considering that Swedes are very reserved people, and they are fond of this concept called “lagom” which means “no excess, everything in moderation”.

For us, it was no traditional Midsummer as most Swedes go to the countryside with their family (Stockholm becomes a ghost town ). We, instead, spent the day in a park BBQing with fellow foreign friends and some swedish “kompisar“. We had a taste of traditional midsummer food and even found a pole to do the famous dance!

If you want to learn more about Midsummer, you can go to this wiki link.

Trevligt Midsommar!