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A few days ago, someone asked me the time, I looked at my wrist and suddenly, a friend looked at me and said “Seriously, who wears a watch nowadays?”
The question took me by surprise because I can’t live without a watch. I, then, looked around and realized, horrified, that we were only 3 people out of the 20ish present to wear one! And I started wondering, and how can we function without it? Personally, I don’t know because I have anxiety if I don’t wear mine and the only time I remove it is to take a shower. I even have a dedicated summer vacation watch! One that can resist water, sunscreen, sand…
Watches are not only convenient, they are also pretty, beautiful even. Some of them are real piece of jewelry and I wear them as I would wear bracelets.
So I need to ask: Am I the only one who wears a watch? 

Just for fun, let me show you some of my favorite pieces and don’t forget to share this post with Apollon!

Clockwise, from left
Cartier, Tank Solo Cartier.com
Ice Watch ice-watch.com
Hermès, Cape Cod Hermes.com