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In a previous post, I was telling you about Poshitis, here, and that gave me an idea. Go around, try a lot of bags and tell you what I think of them! Now, as you can imagine, it is an extremely risky business… All these purses, on my arm… Better leave the credit card home!

Let me tell you about Rocco…
I have been looking online at this model from Alexander Wang for a while now, nice, thick leather, lots of studs, rock but chic, everything I love… but I didn’t really know where to find it in Stockholm. ( and I am not big on online shopping unless I have tried the item…)
And then, on a sunday stroll with Apollon, Rocco appeared in a oh so pretty eggplant colour. Right there, in front of me! I litteraly jumped on it, finally I could carry it! And my dream got crushed as quick as it came true…
Rocco looked as pretty as on pictures but it was SO heavy! Remember, I am a mom…
It breaks my heart to say this, but definitely Poshitis.


Alexander Wang, model Rocco