I have been facing the same dilemma for the past couple of summer, To Short or Not to Short?
See, I find them really cute and perfect for the hot days of summer, and then, I try them on and start to feel self conscious… cellulitis, varicose veins…. Anyway, this summer is no exception. After trying 20 of them, I have yet to find THE right one. But how should the right pair of short be? Seriously, I don’t know, but it should definitely come with a boost of self-confidence.

Maybe, one day… For now, I will keep looking at them on hangers or magazines.

Oh wait, one made its way into my wardrobe! Last year, I had a crush on this really cute playsuit, and I actually wore it a few times, but it looks more like a dress, doesn’t it?

Playsuit from Naf Naf