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One month, it’s been one month since I posted last! I have a good excuse, I was on vacation, anyway now I am back. Little Monster is back at daycare ( yeah…) I know I am bad, but parents out there know what I mean. Apollon is back at work ( yeah again…) and I am on my couch, with a cup of Nespresso Vanilio, my IPad on my lap, ready for some writing!

First of all, the title is misleading. I was so excited to write this post that the title was ready a month ago and I finally didn’t want to change it. Let me explain, my sister leaves in Tokyo for one year now and was back this summer for my other sister’s wedding ( Congrats again Sista). I was looking forward to go through her suitcase and find treasure after treasure. Big disappointment, she had NOTHING! She told me that she couldn’t find anything except for the usual suspects, H&M, Zara… which cost twice as much as in Europe. She said everything was “Harajuku”. Post finished.

Now, I still have a little thing for you as she gave me some beauty stuff and I will tell you a bit about them in another post as well as this cute pair of socks, cute but weird to wear!