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I already showed you my sister’s goodies from Japan, now I can tell you more about them as I was able to give them a try.

Before I start, I have to say, I do not read Japanese so I will tell you about what I assume it is and how I assume it is used ( thankfully there are pictures!)

Green Tea Soap, left on the picture
This soap comes with a little mesh bag, so I assume it is used to exfoliate you skin. It smells great, more like a Matcha tea smell than a Green Tea smell but what do I know, my Matcha experience is limited to Western Coffee Shop, if you know what I mean. It lathers beautifully, very soft, whipped cream like lather. And it scrubs big time! I had to apply lotion afterward as my skin felt so tight. I will definitely continue to use it.

Lip Balm, center of the picture
I cannot tell you what’s in it, but it is really nourishing, no particular smell or anything.

Face Sponge, white little thing on top of the picture
It gets interesting. This sponge came in a white silk paper and a little tag that was telling/showing you what to do with it. Basically, soak it in water and rub your face. I am not sure if we need to add a cleanser or not. Anyway, I did just that and wouah…. I think I removed the first 10 layers of my skin! I had to apply my face cream 3 times that day. I will no longer use it on my face and keep it for my body.

Snail Essence Face Mask, right on the picture
I have it on my face as I am writing… I will post something later today or tomorrow.