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Sunday night, El Mini Monster is asleep, it is raining, Apollon is watching soccer and nothing is on TV… Is there a better time to try out my new nail patches from Sephora?

I love manicured hands, pretty nails and I love to have someone doing it for me… What I hate is paying a fortune for it, and believe me, it is expensive in Sweden! My new craze, especially since I am a mom, is semi-permanent nail polish, but it is high-maintenance with the 2-week fill-in, and I can get bored easily with the colour, so let me tell you about the best next thing after semi-permanent polishes… Sephora’s Nail Patch.
I have been a big fan of these nail patches for years now, love the Red Carpet, True Red and Red Night ones. They are easy to apply, have no drying time and last a good week without major chips ( just a little tip wear depending how hard you are on your nails).

On my last trip to Sephora, I stumbled upon these Nail Patch Art, basically a funky french manicure, in bright pink with purple tips. I am really conservative with my nails usually, red, red and red, but these were so pretty!

There they are,


And the result,


Personally, I love the look of this manicure. They were quite easy to apply. They are quite expensive at 9 euros for a pack but worth it if you want nice, funky nails without going to the salon. I recommend you keep a pack of solid colored ones for last minute dinners or parties.