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Fashion is like a boomerang, it always comes back. And while some comebacks made me happy, Skinny jeans, New Balance 420, Leather Pants… Some others just made me cringe! I am talking about the Creepers! Do you remember those platform shoes worn 20 years ago by youngsters, mostly male, listening to The Clash or Madness? They are back and slowly invading the pages of my fashion magazines, and inspiring designers out there. The proof in picture!

Left, Sonia Rykiel
Right, Chanel

I am not judging, I even find them cute on some girls. Some are really able to pull it off, Dakota Fanning, Miley or Models but that’s it, they are models, not the average-sized women. And I am not talking about the “elephantesque” walk.
And of course, mass retailers jumped on the wagon, lots of Creeper-inspired shoes this fall. If you feel like getting a pair, check these out!

Left, Zara
Right, & Other Stories

Do you like Creepers?