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I was looking for some inspiration and I remembered something funny, my best friend telling me that underneath my snobbish ways I was a Redneck and I got an idea! Why not share some secrets with you? By now, you have figured it out, I love Girly Stuff, and now, I am gonna tell you about what I secretly LOVE.

Pick-Up Trucks
And not a new one, I love the ones from the 90’s, and if it is written TACOMA in big letters in the back of the truck, it is even better!


Ugg Boots
I am not sure why these fall into the Redneck category except that Apollon and my best friend kept telling me that.


Not the real Mohawk but the Fohawk hairstyle, think Maddox Jolie-Pitt. I secretly wish El Little Monster would style his hair this way…

Ultimate Fighting
The bloodier, the better… And in a cage, please! I will cover my eyes and look through my fingers.


Any secret you wanna share?