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Today, was a rainy day, yuck… I needed to relax after 2 days spent running from one embassy to the other, and what better way than perusing one of my favorite website, Mango. And oh my… I had not realized how many gems there were! The stores are great, but they usually don’t carry the whole collections. I found some Designer Ersatz that I wanted to share with you.

A cute, stylish Messenger Bag

20131010-175343.jpgLeft, Messenger Bag from Mango, Right, Falabella Cross-Body Bag from Stella McCartney

A classic Duffle Bag

20131010-175405.jpg Left, Duffle Bag from Mango, Right, the Antigona from Givenchy

THE Cowboy Boots

20131010-175412.jpg Left, Cowboy Boots from Mango, Right, Dicker Boots from Isabel Marant

A girly but chic Rhinestone Sweater

20131010-175420.jpg Left, rhinestone Sweater from Mango Outlet, past collection, Right, Sweater from Dries Van Noten

Are you heading to Mango yet?