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It’s been almost 1 month since I have posted last but I was preparing, yet, another big move. We are now living in Shanghai and WOW, what a change from Stockholm! Between the 1€ a piece for yoghurt and the 0.1€ for 500g Bok Choi, I am slowly adjusting to my new life. Needless to say, it is awesome!
My Little Monster started in his new daycare and we are busy looking for our new home but I was able to go shopping a little, and because I am still not used to local boutiques ( some seems to carry little gems ) I sticked to the chains I knew.
I stumbled upon Uniqlo and I was so excited because I hadn’t shopped there since my days in Singapore. They have some of the best basics at very good prices, although they seem to have priced their stuff for the chinese market or is it just overpriced in Europe and Singapore? Anyway, I didn’t go crazy but I got myself one of their light-weight down Jacket and I can’t wait to wear it! So many colours and style to choose from… I picked this one.

Ultra Light Jacket from Uniqlo
FYI, it is priced at 49.90 € in France and I paid 249 ¥, 30 €.

I’ll be back soon for more posts, there is SO much to say about Shanghai!