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There is a common disease in China that infects mostly foreigners, from what I heard women are more prone to it: The TaoBao Addiction. Just a few readers will know what I am talking about so let me explain….
TaoBao is the local EBay, only 10 times better. It is the Online Shopper’s Mecca. You’re after something, name it and TaoBao will make it happen, and I am not only talking about clothes, knock-offs or not, you can find everything from toothpaste or diapers to bathtub, bed, oven etc… The best part of it, it is crazy cheap! The only disadvantage, you need to read chinese. Or at least use google translate, or, like me have a friend who is super nice and orders for you 😉 Anyway, even without buying, you end up spending hours just browsing pages after pages after pages. I am sure now you understand why TaoBao is trouble.
Enough writing… Drum rolls… My first TaoBao purchase…

Jacket from TaoBao
It says Tory Burch on the label and all over the lining but I do not guaranty it is the real deal, this is China after all! But I don’t care because it was dirt cheap, even my spanish or swedish friends ( read Zara and H&M ) would have priced it way higher

Am I truly addicted yet? No but just because I haven’t had much time…