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If you are like me, when you hear about Shaolin Monks, you imagine a whole bunch of monks practicing Kung Fu all day on top of a cloudy mountain in the middle of China. Who knew they were also at the origin of a fashion trend and that lots of hipsters, especially in France are wearing their shoes? That’s the story of Feiyue. These really cool canvas sneakers which were brought to the spotlight by none other than Orlando Bloom! I will not go much into details, you can read it here if you are interested but Feiyue means “elevation of body and mind” and they are worn since 1920 by Wushu practitioners and now by fashionistas.
I have just bought my first pair… For Apollon… (I can’t decide which one I want for me yet) in this little shop, here, in Shanghai. When I say little shop, I am not kidding, the store is literally 1 meter wide by 3 meters long filled with nearly 50 different styles, and the prices starts at 69¥ (7.5€) and you get one pair free for 10 pairs purchased. By the way, they retail for around 60-70€ in Europe 😉

Feiyue Sneakers

If you live in Shanghai or plan to visit, this store’s address is No. 1, Lane 250, Anfu Rd, near Wukang Rd, Xuhui District otherwise you can go on this website.