Bling-Bling OMG – De Beers


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Have you ever felt intimidated just by looking at a window? It happened to me while walking by De Beers.
Gorgeous rings caught my eyes, they were only 3 “little” rings in the middle of their window at the IAPM mall in Shanghai, I decided to look a bit closer, they were pretty, and then I saw the prices… Well, I saw the number of zeros following the numbers…. And I counted once, twice, three times… Just to make sure that I was not hallucinating.
9.800.000 ¥, yes 5 zeros! I will not do the currency exchange for you, I will let you have fun if you want… Let’s just say that in many countries, there will be as many zeros!
Anyway, I went back to try them on because, after all, they are in a mall so why not!
While entering the mall, I was wondering how I should approach the staff, play interested ( yeah, right…), honest ( I want to know how it feels to have a crazy expensive ring on my finger), are they gonna call a bodyguard and take me in the back room to make sure nothing happens, are they gonna laugh at me, are they even allowed to take them out of the window?
Well, Let just say that I froze, I didn’t even have the courage to go look at them again… Nope! Instead I went on the internet and pulled the pictures of similar rings just to show you…
There they are…



I am sure they would have been ok with me trying one on…
What would you have done?